2015 BNPR Productions & Staged Readings

PRODUCTION SERIES: March 12-15, 2015


Directed by Jake Prins

Featuring Jeremiah O’Driscoll and Jessica Parsons

Rebecca wants to have sex. Ben wants to take care of Jacob. Jacob just wants company – mostly because he’s five, and is taking a bath by himself in the next room. When Rebecca tries to express her frustration, the couple is forced to look at the compromises they’ve made for their relationship. Romantic duty and familial obligation hang over the couple as they try to decide: Are we still us, with him?

AURORA by Ramón Esquivel

Directed by Sara McIntyre

Featuring Allie Pev and Rachelle Tom

In the middle of the night, a despondent Kai visits the Aurora Bridge, where her girlfriend Halen took her own life two years ago. Halen appears to Kai. She shares aspects of an Earthbound afterlife, how her molecules moved through the air, earth, and water to merge with other organisms. Kai wants that too, until Halen reveals other sides of death. In this desperate moment, Kai confronts Halen with her anger, bitterness, and feelings of abandonment. In what will be their final conversation, how will Halen and Kai find closure that will free them to continue on separate paths?

THE BED TRICK by Kat Montagu

Directed by Chris Robson

Featuring Nicole Oliver, Chris Robson, Celia Sutton, Ava Vanderstarren

A judge has made an indecent proposal to a virtuous young woman whose sibling is in jail.  Writer Kat Montagu’s modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure puts sexual politics and power on trial, and cross examines our taboos. Is it wrong for a woman to trade sex to gain her sister’s freedom? Will she exploit herself – or an older man’s weakness? Who decides what is fair and what is forbidden? Will their mother’s sacrifices have been all for nothing?


Directed by Deborah Vogt

Featuring C.J. McGillivray, Simon MacIntyre, Jeremiah O’Driscoll

With David and Maria on the verge of a break-up, their long-suffering childhood friend takes it upon himself to fix it. Is he a little too invested in their relationship? Probably. Will that stop him? No. Most importantly: in a battle of increasingly twisted logic, transparent lies, and deteriorating mental states, can anyone really be a winner?

FOG LIGHTS by Annahis Basmadjian

Directed by Jenna Newton

Featuring Ed Fong, Allyson Fournier, Janet Glassford, CJ McGillivray, and Adam Tatelman

In search of her happiest memories, Wertha Lotte enters the home of Never Fog, a curious personage of curious profession, in hopes that he will be able to find what she’s looking for. However, though Never’s intentions are good, and he only really wants to help, memories sometimes aren’t exactly how we remember them.

GO FOR BROKE by Mikiko Galpin

Directed by Lisa Goebel

Featuring Katie Hayashida, Alex Patalas, Zac Scott, and Brett Willis

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Harry Sato volunteers to serve in the 442nd Infantry Regiment. Far from his home in Oahu, he communicates his experiences to his sister, Anne, via letters, but the effects of the war are more far-reaching than either could imagine. The play explores the racial tensions of the World War II era through the untold story of Japanese American internment in Hawaii.

THE LETTER A by Carolyn Nakagawa

Directed by Cory Haas

Featuring Julie Casselman, Simon MacIntyre, Cathy Wilmot

Some facts about Stacy:
She’s twenty-four years old.
She just started grad school.
She’s been talking to a speech therapist. And a regular therapist. One of them is her prof.
There is nothing wrong with her, physically or mentally.
She doesn’t want to talk anymore.

MY OCEAN by Sasha Singer-Wilson

Directed by Ulla Laidlaw

Featuring Nadeem Umar Khitab

Twelve-year-old environmentalist Lenny has his lucky pouch around his neck, and the eczema behind his knees is hardly even itchy. He is more ready than ever for his Speakers League presentation on Sea Turtles! But when he can’t help but reveal the dramatic events leading up to the presentation and the whole thing derails, the line between Lenny’s reality and memory blurs. My Ocean is about the significance of home and the power of the human spirit and the natural world.

PICK ME UP by Kevin Kokoska

Directed by Aubrey Maxwell

Featuring Janet Glassford and Celia Sutton

A distressed woman attends a free therapy session with a counselor half her age. Molly is a master’s student in counseling psychology struggling for authenticity within the constraints of a supervisor dead set on imposing his beliefs onto her work. Margaret is seeking a reprieve from her domineering husband but will unexpectedly be forced to confront her issues head-on when aspects of the very problem she has come to escape begin manifesting themselves in the counseling room.

THE QUIZMASTER by Deborah Vogt

Directed by John Dickinson

Featuring Javier Sotres

Dave has been a pub quizmaster for years. He is a good at his job and he loves his audience. Even if the rest of his life feels like it’s falling apart, at least he has the Monday night pub quiz to rely on. Until tonight.

SWORDPLAY by Chloe Rose

Directed by Stacey Kaser

Featuring Ed Fong, Adam Tatelman, and Ava Vanderstarren

To what lengths will a rejected fellow go to win back his engaged lady friend, after she’s already told him, a little rudely, to bugger off? Quite far! Watch as this trio of love birds clashes over what some have called “utter nonsense.”




Bobby by Tara Ciric

Featuring Christina Cuglietta, Brendan Mackreth, Emilio Merrit, and Christine Bissonnette

Can Open, Worms Everywhere by Halle Gulbrandsen

Featuring Jessica Quartel and Evan Rein

Confidentiality by Nadine Clark

Featuring Christine Bissonnette, Christina Cuglietta, and Emilio Merrit

A Lesson In Ironing by Geoffrey Morrow

Featuring Jessica Quartel, Evan Rein, Kailea de Leon, and Ramon Esquivel

Lily by Indu Iyer

Featuring Christine Bissonnette

Scenes from Requiem for a Bad John by Katherine Atkinson

Featuring Janelle Reid, Ramon Esquivel, and Katherine Atkinson

The Stallion Trial by Kyle D’Odorico

Featuring Ramon Esquivel

Things Don’t Go The Way You Want Them To by Shaelyn Johnston

Featuring Kailea de Leon and Evan Rein

Featuring Lucia Frangione, Corey Payette, Leanna Brodie, and Chris Gatchalian