Charlie takes a trip home for the first time in years and remembers a kinda life changing event. That sort of thing happens if you drop acid with Donald Trump.


Tripping with Trump jumps between small towns (Stratford) where the character Charlie has stopped for gas as she reluctantly heads home to Goderich after several years of being away. A rush of memories of her troubled teenage years in rural Ontario return to her when she encounters an older man from her past who went by the name, Donald Trump. It makes her question if she is all that different from him in her need for escape. The themes touch on domestic violence, loss, and the prevalence of drug use in small towns.

Playwright: Colleen Osborn
Colleen is currently doing her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia and resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Theatre writing credits include:How it Crumbles (The Space), Take It, Easy (2014 Toronto Wrecking Ball), Botched((2013 Ottawa Fringe Festival), Here to Stayand Seen This One Before (both New Ideas Festival) Sweetness Follows (FOOT Festival), and co-authored Guantanamo: Hotels & Resorts (Pandemic Theatre). Colleen has been published in City Voices: A Book of Monologues by Toronto Artists.

Director: Shelby Bushell
Shelby Bushell is a graduate from UBC’s BFA program in theatre production and english literature. Since graduation, she has been working in Vancouver’s theatre industry as a stage manager, tour coordinator, director and designer. She is thrilled to be returning to the Brave New Playrites festival after directing Anna Ling Kay’s Plum in 2014. Recent credits include stage managing Pacific Theatre’s A Christmas Carol: On the Air and directing the UBC Players Club’s Centennial Production of Divine Monster.

Actor: Elana Mabrito


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