VAGUE, LAWLESS by Jackson Weaver

Vague, Lawless is a reinterpretation of Death in Venice, exploring all the aspects and drawbacks of love and success.



Vague, Lawless is a short interpretation of Thomas Mann’s novella Death In Venice, examining the same themes of probity, success, youth, reverence, and obsession. A man and a woman on a beach discussion is interrupted by the distraction of the woman’s son and his friend moving freely in and out of the scene, aspects of the man’s character begin to come out. After revealing a shocking decision, the woman attempts to talk the other out of it. After this distraction, a dark action comes over their discussion, ending in bitter violence.

Playwright: Jackson Weaver

Jackson Weaver is a writer from West Vancouver , currently studying in UBC’s creative writing BFA program. He focuses mainly in dramatic fiction, and Vague, Lawless is his first foray into writing for the stage. He has had works of short fiction published in such literary collections as The liar, Linden Avenue, Yeah Write, and others, as well as being a part of the writers’ collective Wolf Mountain.

Director: Lisa Goebel

Lisa Goebel is an interdisciplinary artist working as an actor, dancer, choreographer, and theatre creator. She is delighted to be back directing with Brave New Play Rites after having directed Go For Broke last year. Recent credits include producing and choreographing Dogfight the Musical (Awkward Stage), and associate producing In Tune 2015 (Touchstone). Upcoming Acting: Redpatch (Hardline); Dancing: FOLKMONÇÃO; Portugal Tour (Kababayang Pilipino). Lisa holds a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Capilano) and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Simon Fraser). She is a graduate of Studio 58.

ActorsBland Brifkani, Tricia Trinh, Joel Ballard and Patrick Mercado.


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