In the near future, a new technology allows us to share sense-memories, making us closer than ever before; but who, or what, is us?


It’s raining outside. Memories are diced up and spread like flowers on your tongue while it’s still presently tomorrow. Who’s there? Last week a shadow caught your eye and kept it in a jar and everything is so beautiful. You’re starving. You watch yourself. Come into the light, says no one. A child gives birth to you. You trace the outline of their ribs along the canticles of real. When you speak, it is someone else. It’s been so long you tell the stranger. The two of you melt into some vast pyre of the living. It’s raining outside, yesterday.

Playwright: Avash Islam
Avash Islam is a Bangladeshi-Australian-Canadian writer currently living in Richmond, BC. His plays Lullaby and Beat Happening have received staged readings through the Arts Club’s LEAP program, and is currently developing a full-length play through the same program. Beat Happening was also produced as part of The Cultch’s Ignite! Youth Arts Festival in 2015. He is currently pursuing a dual-degree in English Honours and Creative Writing & Management at the University of British Columbia.

Director: Iris Lau
Iris Lau is a dance artist. She was born and trained in Hong Kong. Iris received her Master of Fine Arts degree at Simon Fraser University. She has been a member of DanceArt Hong Kong since 2007. She also performed in the different professional dance and theatre communities in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Vancouver and Paris. Since Iris moved to Vancouver, she gradually shifts her practice to dance-theatre, a unique performance style that blends everyday experience with the abstract of dance and narrative of theatre. Her choreographic works include: dance-theatre ReCall, Twenty-Fourteen and Time series: Definition of Time, 1”, Time’s Lost, In His Time, In the River named “TIME”. Iris also works as movement collaborator for theatre productions The Peaceful Sea (2014), The Last Seven Words of Fernando Pessoa and as dramaturg in THE PUBLIC. Iris currently continues her research on Babel: verbal and nonverbal languages and dance theatre project Monopoly (Vancouver Version).

Actors: Owen Caddell, Eleanor Felton, Jeff Hoffman, and Cheyenne Maberly.


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