A girl who is a little broken needs a real backpack.


Kris is going through something and unfortunately Matt is going to hear about it. Modern urban life is full of chance encounters, and Kris and Matt’s early morning cafe stop comes with a chance to realize why both don’t have any better place to be. Kris, however, is more determined to get the appropriate amount of milk foam with her espresso than to tell the truth.

Playwright: K.C. Novak
K.C. Novak is a playwright who is always uncertain what to write for her bios. She studied as an actor in the Meisner Studio at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She finished her Theatre degree at The Ohio State University. She is in her first year of UBC’s MFA in Creative Writing and Theatre program. She is a recent official Canadian and is thankful to her father for having the good sense to be born in Montreal, and for her mother to have found him there, and for lax citizenship regulations. She is fairly certain she likes Canada; however, she is uncertain if Canada likes her. She can be seen around town in front of microphones attempting to tell jokes (and/or saving on therapy*). *She does not believe in public forms of therapy. She would also like to thank Kurt Vonnegut for making everything make sense.

Director: Pippa Johnstone
Pippa is so grateful for the opportunity to direct for the first time for Brave New Play Rites! A recent graduate of UBC, she usually works around town as an actor: you may have seen her in Who’s Life is it Anyway? (RealWheels), Measure for Measure (Honest Fishmongers) or The Rainmaker (Pacific Theatre). You can see her on stage next in Gruesome Playground Injuries at Pacific Theatre. Come back to Studio 1398 in March for the Pull Festival, where you can see her  play Renoviction performed along with six other strange and beautiful 10-minute plays. Special thanks to the BNPR producers, her playwright and actors for their trust and support!

Actors: Alexandra Lainfiesta and Jeremiah O’Driscoll.


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