Bait by Alyssa Hirose

bait photo.jpgBAIT is a touching comedy in which a grumpy Japanese-Canadian fisherman unknowingly meets his closeted son’s boyfriend for the first time. Misidentification and miscommunication lead to a morning of confusion, discomfort, and unlikely connection.

Performance Times: |March 23rd 7:30pm | March 25th 7:30pm | March 26th 2pm |


hirose-alyssa-headshotAlyssa Hirose is a first-year student in UBC’s Creative Writing Program. Alyssa specializes in creative nonfiction and writing for children, but her interminable love for high school theatre inspired her to explore playwriting for the first time this year. Her hobbies include eating fries, talking to her dog, and smashing the patriarchy one word at a time. She is tremendously honoured and excited to be a part of Brave New Play Rites.


Barbara2014.jpegBarbara Ellison recently played Old Mary in Mrs Barbour’s Daughters (Vital Spark/Fringe2016), after contributing as Assistant Director to Welcome to Thebes and Company(United Players). Before that she performed in The Children’s Hour (Ensemble Theatre), Rebel Women (Vital Spark), The Children’s Hour (Ghost Light), Blithe Spirit (MetroTheatre), and Hecuba (United Players), and in over a dozen television commercials. Barbara wrote and directed Slumming for the 2012 and 2014 Fringe Festivals.


Fong_Ed_headshot_1_for_theatre.jpgEd Fong (Tadao) dabbles in community theatre, which has proven time & time again to be an incredibly rewarding experience & underrated joy! Otherwise, he spends time trying to do more stand-up comedy; write & draw stories of his own, and compulsively reduce his carbon footprint (because nothing is sexier to women than a guy who takes the time to cut up those six-pack plastic ring things!).
CallumGunn.jpegCallum Gunn (Andy) was born and raised on Salt Spring Island, BC. After high school, he modeled internationally for three years. He attended art school in Windsor in 2012 and graduated with a BFA – Theatre Acting in 2016. Callum has co-founded Little Thief Theatre & Actors Company – a company dedicated to creating & showcasing original works in site-specific environments. Outside of the theatre, he works in Film/TV, Photography/ Videography and Graphic Designer. He thrives in collaborative settings which promote the cross-pollination of ideas and artistic mediums. With the isolating effects of technology and divisive political rhetoric more toxic than ever, Callum continues to engage with the world around him and encourages everyone to do the same. He is also a big fan of avocados and Kurt Vonnegut. Thanks to everyone who helped bring this event to life, and you for being here and supporting the arts!