2012 Plays

I’m Not There

by Nathan Smith
Directed by
Paul Weston

Another Shot

by Chloe Packer
Directed by
Wade Kinley

A Table for Three

by Tristan Koster
Directed by
Matthew Willis


by K.L. Lee
Directed by
Jennette White

Divided Allegiance

by Elisabeth Astwood
Directed by
Danielle Bourgon

Zip Zang Bot

by Hamilton Hollands
Directed by
Christina Dao

Little Roundy Things

by Tara Armstrong
Directed by
Hayley Petersen

The Prince of Bales

by Julie Farr
Directed by
Trina Moran

The Pursuit

by Kelsey Straight
Directed by
Helen Wrack-Adams

Clark the Lark

by Andrew Parsons
Directed by
Kathy Yan Li

I Search and I Hide

by Erica Wright
Directed by
Michelle Harrison

Window Parade

by Neal Giannone
Directed by
Megan Gilron


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