I’m Not There

I’m Not There
There is no reality. There is only perception.

Program 1 – Performances; Wednesday March 28 & Friday March 30 at 7:30pm & Sunday April 1 at 2:00pm

Description: “I’m Not There” follows the troubled mind of a man still coping with the loss of his lover one year ago. Still tormented by visions of her, he questions his own beliefs and his grasp on reality. After all, if he can see her–if he can touch her and hear her voice–isn’t that real enough?

Caution: may blow your mind.


Playwright: Nathan Smith

Raised in small town Castlegar, BC. Currently working towards my BFA in Creative Writing at UBC.


Director: Paul Weston
Paul is a BFA Film Production student who happens to have quite the soft spot for theatre. He is extremely thankful for all the hard work and support through this new and exciting adventure, and hopes you enjoy the show.


Emily Griffiths – Lady

Emily Griffiths has recently completed her Bachelor of Arts in Honours Theatre from UBC. Her recent performance credits include Faust is Dead (UBC), At First I Thought It Was… (Walking Fish Festival), PARTS (Honours Thesis), and Capital, Alice! (lucid dream productions). Emily also works as a playwright, director, sound designer, and stage manager. This is Emily’s third year as a proud participant of Brave New Play Rites; she was first a director, than a playwright and lighting designer, and now an actor. Emily would like to thank Paul, Matt, and Sean for such a beautiful experience, as well as John Cooper, Brian Wade, and Stephen Heatly for their ongoing dedication to such a wonderful festival!

Sean Sager – Doctor

Select Credits: Vanessa, Rodelinda, Cinderella (Pacific Opera Victoria); Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, Dark of the Moon (Phoenix Theatre); It’s A Wonderful Life, As You Like It (Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre); Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret (Atomic Vaudeville).
Sean likes walking on his hands and breakdancing in his bedroom.
A big thank you to Paul, Nathan, Emily, and Matt.
Love to my family and friends.

Matt Shaw – Patient

Matt Shaw first began acting at the age of 17 in Vancouver. He started out in theater then. began putting his two energetic feet into both worlds of theater and film. After spending months finding his “inner actor” by travelling inside his own self, he began harnessing his powers and took to the road, in an attempt to unlock more of the secrets that awaited him. He began training in New York and after returning home he realized that more questions had exposed themselves. Why? How? When? Where? This, in turn, made him the actor he is, currently, today, at this present time. He plans on attending NYU, in the future, to solve more of the mysteries and pass on his knowledge of the world beyond…Acting.


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