The Prince of Bales

The Prince of Bales 
The Prince of Bales must find a wife before the night is through,
But there’s a witch who wants her pick at something royal too.

Program 1 – Performances; Wednesday March 28 & Friday March 30 at 7:30pm & Sunday April 1 at 2:00pm

A prince, a witch, a mighty lady-knight,
together turn the search for love on someones final night
from humble and depressing to a rather easy breeze,
but wait and see. The wife-to-be will catch them in a freeze.

WARNING: There are twists, turns, and a glitch or two. Will the protagonists know what to do? A crafty witch and magic spells. Hard to believe, but here in Bales they dwell. Will the Prince find his Princess and their story become one of old? Come to the show and see the story unfold.

Playwright: Julie Farr
Julie Farr is a 3rd year Creative Writing student.



Director: Trina Moran
Trina is a 4th year BA Theatre Major, English Literature minor who has been theatrically active for the better half of her life. She is the artistic director of Invisible City Theatre and directed, co-wrote, produced, and starred in the company’s last production ‘The Blind Date’ which premiered in the 2011 Vancouver Fringe Festival. Trina’s theatrical career goals include being able to pay rent and have a fridge full of food at all times and to expand her theatre company commercially so that she can actually pay people.
Thank you to Simon, Chelsea, and Cloe for being such a wonderful cast! You three made this project very memorable for me. To Kirsten and Gab for the music and for being amazing friends. To Julie for an awesome script. To Elliot and Matthew for making this show look phenomenal. To the ninjas in the dark. To my classmates for making 10 am classes worth coming to. Finally, to Stephen Heatley for being an excellent teacher of the theatre and for putting up with me all term.


Chelsea Isenor – Servant
Chelsea graduated from Thompson Rivers University with a Bachelor of Art degree majoring in theatre. Favorite past acting credits at TRU include: Unity (1918), Rabbit Hole, The Marriage of Bette and Boo, Getting Out, & After the Fall. This is Chelsea’s first time performing in the Brave New Playwrights festival and she is very excited for everyone to see the Prince of Bales.

Simon MacIntyre – Duncan, Prince of Bales
Originally from Toronto, Simon is now perusing his career in film and theatre here in beautiful Vancouver. He feels both honoured and privileged to be part of Brave New.
Special thanks to Trina and My lovely cast mates you are amazing to work with!


Cloë Windus – The Witch ~ Karactica Karis McFee

Cloë spontaneously decided to relocated to beautiful Vancouver five years ago from Germany where she lived, loved and breathed her studies in media school, which she finished with a BA in Media Production. During that time she was a news reporter, TV anchor, radio host and the female lead – a spoiled rotten brat – in the classic theater play “The Pretentious Young Ladies”. Since she was raised to be always polite and friendly, she found out that acting for theater gives her the excuse (and excitement) to be able to live out facets of characters and develop personalities that are very unlike her normal cheery self, which turned out to be the best stress relief there is! The witch in “The Prince Of Bales” is her first role in Canada and in the English language, and an extremely exciting and fulfilling experience.


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