2013 Reading Series

The Stage Reading Series will feature works in development by six playwrights. Here’s a sneak peek! One performance only.

Performance: Saturday, April 6 @ 2 PM

After I Heard
by Reece Cochrane

Michael needs someone to talk to.

After he gets the news of a friend’s death, and without easy access to his usual confidant, his mother, Michael fails to leave his house and seeks solace in a mysterious ally.

Playwright: Reece Cochrane
Reece is a Vancouver-based writer, working mostly in fiction and poetry. He is an undergraduate student at UBC, studying creative writing and German. He began his post-secondary studies at the U of A, where he was awarded the McGraw Hill Book Prize in Exploring Writing for Best Portfolio. His work has been published in Fugue magazine, and his contribution to the Brave New Play Rites festival constitutes his foray into playwriting.

Class of 93
by Kelsey Savage

Twenty years later, the grass is still greener.

Class of ’93 is the story of three women, Brontë, Sylvia and Tamil, who find themselves reflecting on their life paths and choices at their twentieth high school reunion. Warning: Language and Mature Themes.

Playwright: Kelsey Savage
Kelsey is currently completing her BFA in Creative Writing. She was a member of the 2009 Vancouver Youth Poetry Slam team, as well as a graduate of the Cultch’s 2009 IGNITE Spoken Word Mentorship program. She held a two-year opinion column with the South Delta Leader, and has seen her poetry published in Langara College’s w49 magazine. She’s extremely excited to be part of the Staged Reading Series of the Brave New Playrites Festival this year and is grateful for the time, energy and effort put forth by all the participants.

Hold Her Hand
by Gorrman Lee

How do you feel about eating placentas?

Bruce, a grieving slut, is on a first date with Elizabeth, and it’s not going well. It gets worse when he bumps into a disgruntled former conquest, and is forced into an inner dialogue with himself to face the impact of his mother’s death on his lovelife — or else never make a real emotional connection with a woman again. A heartfelt comedy.

Playwright: Gorrman Lee
Gorrman received his BFA in Filmmaking from Simon Fraser University, and is currently pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. His thesis is an original television pilot. While at UBC, he has been awarded the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship from SSHRC, and the William Rea Fellowship in Television. Through the Praxis Centre for Screenwriters, Gorrman has been awarded a Story Editing Internship in 2012, and placements in two competitive screenplay workshops in 2008 and 2009. He is also a founding member and Producer at Glass Curtain Pictures.

Honeymoon Phase
by Ginny Monaco

A comedy about sisters, and the men who love them.

Playwright: Ginny Monaco
Ginny is a writer and journalist living in Vancouver, BC. She is a former Ubyssey Culture Editor and her nonfiction work has appeared in countless student newspapers across Canada. She is a vocal feminist, accordion enthusiast and generally pleasant person.

by Thom Peters

A priest and a doorman walk into a bar…

A tale exploring the unconscious relationship between two con men, a lawyer and a cab driver all bumping into one another one night when they might never expect it.

Playwright: Thom Peters
Thom is currently in his first year in UBC’s Creative Writing Program and his third year at UBC. Thom’s history in theatre mostly involves being on stage, acting lines rather than writing. Participating in theatre productions since a young age, and avid participator throughout high school, Thom has always had a passion for the theatre and is very excited to see his first produced in the staged reading series of the Brave New Play Rites festival.

The Plan
by Miles Steyn

Some people will do anything for money.

After rent control laws change, a landlord’s scheming wife and her scumbag partner devise a plan to make some quick cash. But when things don’t go according to their plan, two stoner roommates’ lives become their target.

Playwright: Miles Steyn
Miles is a prose and screenwriter based in Vancouver, where he’s currently completing a BFA in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. His stories have been published in Gold Literary Magazine and Existere Journal, and his contribution to the Brave New Play Rites festival launches his adventure into theatre.


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