Travel Weight

You can only bumble around so long before life starts to sort itself out for you… right?

Program 2 – Performances: 
Thursday, March 27 – 7:30 PM
Saturday, March 29 – 7:30 PM
Sunday, March 30 – 7:30 PM

Travel Weight Show Image

Description: Arabelle is calling home. It’s been three months since she began wandering through Europe, and she has now landed in Brasov, Romania—“probably the best city in the world.” When her sister picks up the phone, Arabelle begins slowly unraveling the events of the previous evening, starting with the hair gel salesman she met on a night train. A play about meeting and missing.



Playwright: Monika Davies
Monika is in her final semester of the UBC Creative Writing program and has been writing stories since she could define exposition. She is a co-founder of Outwrite, the monthly reading series for undergraduate students, and has been delighted to be part of the UBC writing community for the past two years.

Director: Ndola Hutton
Ndola Hutton is a fourth year BFA production and design student from Hamilton, Ontario.  Ndola will be juggling directing Travel Weight and stage managing the festival, and her hobbies include over-committing herself.  Brave New will be Ndola’s last show at UBC (if she passes Spanish).  After graduation, Ndola plans on bumbling around for awhile until life starts to sort itself out for her, and pursuing a career in stage management.  Favourite credits include:  The Seagull (SM: UBC), Death of a Playwright (SM: Quimera Theatre at Vancouver Fringe), Blood Relations, Dancing at Lughnasa, Spoils of Troy (ASM, UBC), Here, Antigone, Drafts and Breathe (SM: Fulcrum Theatre).


Angie Lopez – Arabelle


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