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What one man chases in women, another man searches for perched on his barstool. And in their shared quest to fill the void that is life, nothing brings our two men together like their shared love of the drink.

Program 1 – Performances: 
Wednesday, March 26 – 7:30 PM
Friday, March 28 – 7:30 PM
Sunday, March 30 – 2:00 PM


This subtextual journey travels through the minds and repetitive rituals of two weathered-beyond-their-years drinking buddies, whose dependence on each other for companionship and camaraderie is both fraught and cherished. And when their devotion to one another is tested, they can always count on their savior, their beloved and equally despised barmaid.

Playwright: Justin Neal
Since 1998 Justin has been a writer, actor, and collaborator on a wide variety of theatrical projects in NYC, the Bay Area, and Seattle, working with quiet, International WOW, The Anthropologists, Rady & Bloom, and the Shotgun Players, among others. He co-founded The Oakland Playhouse (now an SF improv troupe, Big City Improv) where he produced two of his original plays, Housing Crunch and Squirm. He was the teaching artist for the Seattle-based Native Youth theatre troupe Red Eagle Soaring in the Summer of 2013. Justin is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Joint degree in Creative Writing and Theatre in Stage Playwriting at UBC. He will also premiere his one-man show at the Vancouver Fringe Festival in September.

Director: Daniel Tessy
Daniel is a 1st time director in the BFA Theatre Design/Program. In the past years he has worked in various capacities, with favorite credits including The Seagull (sound design), Never the Sinner (lighting design), Death of a Playwright (production design) and the previous Brave New Play Rites (set design). He is infinitely excited to be working alongside this extremely talented crew of directors, writers, performers and designers.


Darragh – Jeremy O’Driscoll

Thomas – Zach Wolfman

Heather – Anais West

Raymond/Dave – Javier Sotres


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