2012 Reading Series

What My Sister Would Say
by Joelle Barron
Julie may or may not be imagining a surprise birthday visit from her sister, Kate.

by Rebecca Schaeffer
Amelia’s a writer on a deadline and she needs an idea yesterday. So, she decides to trod the tried and true path of getting advice from her muse. Unfortunately, said muse isn’t exactly cooperating…

Pumping Up
by Azuka Nduka-Agwu
A morbid slapstick drama which follows the double suicide attempt of two men keen to end their lives. Their attempt is interrupted and its synchronicity threatened, when a door-to-door salesman calls unannounced.

Life Sentence
by Spencer Christenson
Two small town crooks devise a plan to break one from jail. It’s a plan that just might work. Maybe.

Survival Skills
by Michelle Kelm
Lenora is having a bad day. Or is it a good day? I guess it all just depends on how you look at it.

The 2012 Staged Reading Series was directed by Chris Robson and Patrick New.


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