Saturday, March 5th

ADMISSION: Free and open to the public.

Playwrights Theatre Center (PTC)
#202 – 739 Gore Avenue
Vancouver BC  V6A 2Z9
Click Here for Google Map

Director/Dramaturge for the Series:  Megan Andres

12pm – Program A

5 Large by Tyler Hein

Featuring: Michael Sousa and Joshua Paquette
Lenny tries to convince brother-in-law, Marcus, that family means everything,  even if it lands you in jail.

Apollo, Apollo by Nat Miles

Featuring: Joshua Paquette, Michael Sousa, and Kristy Fielding
Apollo, Apollo is a comedy about two lovers, Roger and Carrie, and the ultimate third wheel, Washington. Wary of the implications the space age brings, Washington decides to take action against all things alien in his life, including his roommate’s girlfriend. All the while, Neil Armstrong gets ever closer to that historic first step.

Come Through by Ben Stephenson

Featuring: Julie Disher
A young woman, new to the city, drinks a beer on a Vancouver bus.  She calls various people trying to find a place to stay.  Will anyone come through?

The Executioner by Olivia Etey

Featuring: Joshua Paquette, Michael Sousa, and Caroline Doyle
Master Arent, Nuremberg’s loyal and socially ostracized executioner, finds himself in the horrifying position of having to take the life of the woman he loves: the beautiful Princess Eislen. As Arent sharpens his sword, he’s visited by his closest friend, Mennek who thinks they can save Princess Eislen’s life and free them all from their social bondages. But how does the fear of death affect our own ability to save?

Mood Board by Ella Adkins

Featuring: Caroline Doyle, Kristy Fielding, and Julie Disher
Its 12 o’clock in the afternoon. Jane makes a mood board from magazine cutouts from “Bridal Guide”. Vanessa nurses her third glass of wine. Violet smiles uncomfortably. Mother is on life support, with no hopes of recovery. Funeral arrangements are being made. Remembering mother isn’t pretty.

Voicemail by Hallie Ann Jacobson

Featuring: Michael Sousa, Caroline Doyle, Kristy Fielding, and Julie Disher
It is 1995 in USA, downtown Seattle. Olivia has recently been dumped by her boy friend of three years, Matt. As the dust of their breakup settles, Olivia struggles to except that maybe the guy she swore was “the one,” wasn’t, just as Matt struggles with the realization that perhaps his motivation to escape their adult relationship had more to do with him and nothing to do with Olivia. Told through voicemails Olivia and Matt leave each other after their break up, Voicemail explores the stereotypical process and miscommunication a couple goes through after they are no longer together.


2pm  ‘Life After Brave New’ 

Panelists (UBC ALUMNI): Jordan Hall; C.E. Gatchalian; Dave Deveau; Michelle Deines – moderated by Sara Graefe and Bryan Wade


3pm – Program B

Exi(s)t by Nitchka Wefers Bettink

Featuring: Jessica Quartel
Agatha Romani; a once very successful performance artist that has been strugglingwith a creative draught. Today she shall make her last piece of art. The question is: what will it be? All her life she has lived for her art and become one with her work: Her body as her art. But what more can a performance artist give in a world where voyeurism is something that is not only accepted, but also celebrated? How can she be the provoking mirror that is her signature, when every one is constantly exposed to an unimaginable source of knowledge and opinions? How can she give not only herself, but also her beloved Rafferty, a worthy goodbye? What will be the summation of her entire creation?

Inner City News by Emily Weldon

Featuring: Jessie Crabbe and Cam Forbes
The ever-charming Rod Daniels and his live-wire co-anchor Kat Wilson were simultaneously and infamously fired from the Inner City News team exactly one year ago. On the anniversary of their demise, the duo reunites at the news desk for a congenial, nostalgic evening between two old friends…or that’s what Rod had in mind when he invited her. Kat has some news for him. Tonight will be her biggest career move yet.

Leon Does the Haka by Donal Thoms-Cappello

Featuring: Patrick Dodd and Cam Forbes
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has been sent by Washington to New Zealand. Now he just needs to sober up for the ceremony….

On The Side by Taylor Kinequon

Featuring: Patrick Dodd, Jessie Crabbe, and Cam Forbes
Hailey invites her husband, whom she hasn’t spoken to since the loss of their child, to a coffee shop. Hailey tries to find new ways to cope with and handle her pain, while also having to figure out her relationship with her husband James, and decide what she wants for the future.

Weighed Sin by Simon Sierra

Featuring: Jessica Quartel and Patrick Dodd
Ira and Sarah struggle in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy.  Will their relationship survive?

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