ODE TO A CAMPING TRIP by Fraser Sutherland

“Tender is the night.”


Three friends teetering on the cusp of adulthood find themselves in a dark forest without a reliable source of light. Based around John Keats’ poem “Ode to a Nightingale”, Ode to a Camping Trip looks at the importance of childhood friendships, and the shadowed fear of who we become when these relationships start to fade.

Playwright: Fraser Sutherland
Fraser, a third year BFA student in UBC’s Creative Writing program, spent her childhood tucked away in the valleys of British Columbia’s southern interior, where she grew up loving and despising camping trips in equal measure. With an engrained passion for history and poetry, she is constantly striving to connect the two together in different and interesting ways. This is her first staged production, and she is thrilled to be writing for Brave New Play Rites.

Director: Dale MacDonald
A recent graduate of the University of Alberta, Dale MacDonald is an emerging theatre artist and educator. While most of his theatrical work is balanced between acting and directing, other waking moments are filled with dramaturgy and critical analysis of all things performance. When he’s not sipping coffee in the very-back, corner seat of the audience, Dale spends his time playing video games with his wife, cuddling his cat, and going for really, really long runs.

Actors: Shauna Griffin, Raeanne Lee, and Bailey Kaye.


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