SEEING DARK by Kevin Sun

The story of how far some will go to rise up from all they have lost.

Seeing Dark promo photo.jpg

Jonathan comes from a family of cops, Donald from a family of doctors, Cameron and Carrie from a family of soldiers. Jonathan has no family left; when his father was murdered before Donald’s eyes, he left his home to hunt down the murderer. Now, two years later, Jonathan comes back with Cameron and Carrie to see Donald, to hear the truth of his father’s death from Donald’s mouth. He will stop at nothing to get it.

Playwright: Kevin Sun
Kevin is a 4th year student pursuing a double major in Creative Writing and English Literature. His main genre is prose fiction. This is more or less the first play he’s ever written.

Director: Misty Oakes
Misty is an independent actor and emerging director from Vancouver Island. Celebrating a recent return to the west coast, Misty has spent the last 7 years in Alberta working and volunteering in the social profit sector specializing in planning, programming, producing and publicising special events. Directing credits include a flagship Stage 2 Series launch premiere at Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre with The Vagina Monologues and an award-winning festival run of Barefoot in Nightgown by Candlelight (ADFA One Act Play Festival -Regional and Provincial, interPLAY Festival) She is thrilled to be making a directorial debut in Vancouver and has loved collaborating with all of the artists involved with BNPR.

Actors: Robson Baker, David Lloydy, Nick Heffelfinger and Murry Peeters.


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