Series A

Saturday, March 29 @ 1 PM

Wade Kinley (Director) is a playwright living in Vancouver. His professional debut came last year with Glendale at Little Mountain Theater, which has since been optioned to Red Trike Media for a feature film adaptation. He has been quite involved with Brave New Play Rites over the past few years, with two plays written for the festival and directing three others. Other works include the play Black Box and the short screenplays Ben and American Crow. Next is the World Premiere of a new play, Gods Plans, which has previously seen readings in Vancouver and New York. He holds an MFA in Playwriting from UBC.

by Amy Midanik-Blum

The walls of a home hold a thousand memories, but has Alicia gone too far? It’s the middle of the night and the residents of 955 Shattuck Avenue are fast asleep when a young girl sees an opportunity in the form of an open window. 

Amy Midanik-Blum is a third year UBC student in the BFA Creative Writing program and is so excited to be participating in this Brave New Play Rites staged reading series. This is the first fifteen minute play she has ever had the pleasure to write. Outside of playwriting, Amy most enjoys writing fiction, specifically short stories. In her spare time she likes to read, write, and spend time with her friends.

by Kamila Sediego

After a thirty-three year absence, a woman comes home to the Philippines for her mother’s funeral and is forced to face the sister she left behind.

Kamila Sediego – After a few wandering years, Kamila is finally in her third year, studying Creative Writing. Having been a bookworm and cinephile for most of her life, it made sense to pursue screenwriting as her career. Kamila is a graduate of Langara’s Film Arts Writing program and was one of the top thirteen finalists in the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition in 2012. She also writes fiction and has enjoyed experimenting with the new genres of stage writing and nonfiction. Occasionally, she writes a funny tweet. #humblebrag #lame. When she isn’t writing, Kamila likes scouring the Internet for anatomy art, and pretending to be Beyoncé in her room.

The Good Guys
by Nadine Clark

When tragedy struck the Boston Marathon in 2013, both the police and the Internet were determined to find out who was responsible – but only one of them got it right.

Nadine Clark is a third-year undergraduate student at UBC who has made the crazy decision to complete a double major in Creative Writing and English Literature. When she isn’t pulling all-nighters to finish her homework, Nadine obsesses over hockey, Latin, and naps in the middle of the day (despite her roommates’ disapproval). She hopes to be an author and a playwright one day, but her immediate plans after graduation are to get a job – any job. Nadine has been involved in over 15 plays in roles that include actor, stage manager, stage crew, and director. This is her first production as a playwright. Nadine has also had non-fiction published in Outside In Travel & Literary Magazine and hopes to have many more publications to add to the list in the near future.

A Guy with a Gun
by Michael Stepa

Inspired by the tragic stories of lives lost to senseless gun violence in the United States, A Guy With A Gun explores a few small moments of time between a couple before one such event suddenly intrudes upon their lives.

Michael Stepa knew from a very early age he wanted to tell stories, often narrating the tale to someone who would write it down for him when he was too young to write himself.  Having dabbled in Film Production at the University of Winnipeg, he is now focussing on writing for theatre, television, feature-length cinema and fictional prose.  A Guy With A Gun is his first publicly read play.  In addition to his studies, Michael is currently working on a series of novels.


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