Series B

Saturday, March 29 @ 3 PM

Peter Boychuk (Director) holds an M.F.A. in Playwriting from the University of Victoria and studied acting at Studio 58. His plays include Shelter from the Storm (Touchstone Theatre/PTC/Fire Arts Centre); Afterglow (published in the anthology Two Hands Clapping by Signature Editions); Fortunate Son (winner of the Stanley Mills Purchase Prize, Honourable Mention in the Canadian National Playwriting Competition, and Best of the Fest at ACToberfest 2007); and Fritters in Kandahar (winner of the Solo Collective/Vancouver Playhouse Emerging Writers Competition) He also works frequently as a dramaturge and director. Notable credits include Prodigals by Sean Minogue for Twenty Something Theatre; Snow Angel by Kathleen Black for Lower Ossignton Theatre; Nothing Like The Sun by Melanee Murray for Calgary’s Ignite Festival; and The Chamber by Larry Lamont for Dark Horse Theatre in Montreal. Peter grew up in Whitehorse, Yukon and lives in Vancouver.

by Haley Whishaw

Ben’s plan was simple: find a bridge, leave a last message, hop the rail, and free fall. The girl climbing the railing ahead of him makes things slightly more complicated.

Haley Whishaw is currently completing her BFA in Creative Writing at UBC. Her writing and photography has been primarily featured in student newspapers and literary journals. Participating in the Brave New Play Rite festival marks an exciting departure from her usual work in fiction and graphic forms.

Ranking the 90s
by M. A. Bowden

I think Stan’s going to hell then, not Eminem though, he made top 10 last week. Why would they put him in top ten if he’s going to hell?

M.A. Bowden is a writer from Boise Idaho. She likes to write poetry, plays, and graphic novels. She hates to write nonfiction (specifically autobiographical nonfiction), grocery lists, apologies, emails, or anything happy unless it relates to her brother whom she loves. She is completing her BFA in UBC’s Creative Writing Program.

As Long As He Needs Me
by Deborah Vogt

There ain’t no surgery for wrinkly fucking hands – sometimes you can’t hide who you really are.

Loosely inspired by the character of Nancy from the musical Oliver!, As Long As He Needs Me is about two prostitutes whose lives have always been dictated by the desires and demands of men. When they finally decide they want to form an identity outside of male constrictions, they find their plans momentarily halted by an unexpected guest who forces them to question whether or not they can ever abandon the roles they were meant to play.

Deborah Vogt – After the production of her first one-act play at University Hill Secondary School in 2008, Deborah discovered that writing is pretty darn fun. Five and half years later, she is finishing what was a great first year of the UBC Creative Writing BFA. Aside from U-Hill, her plays have been performed at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre (through the Ignite Youth Playwriting Competition) and CBC Studios (through the ActNOW! Youth Playwriting Competition). Currently, she is extremely lucky to be the dramaturgy intern at the Arts Club Theatre and is enjoying every minute of it. She would like all those who inspire her: family, friends and Larry David.

by Annahis Basmadjian

Not as much room between the lines as you’d think.

When Lily, a young librarian and unofficial writer, discovers the Book of Adventure one late working night, she can’t help but give it a read. But, just one page along, she unleashes from within, the book’s dastardly villain and the triumphant hero, though, they can’t seem to remember who is who, and the plot won’t let them back in until they set the record straight. The Book world can’t survive without its hero and villain for long, time is ticking, and it’s up to Lily to save the day, for what sort of writer would she be to let a story fade away?

Annahis Basmadjian – Having clawed her way out of the pro-uniform and quite snippy Mulgrave High School, Annahis found herself entering UBC Arts with absolute no idea of what to do nor where to do. At the end of her year, she discovered that the writing of rambling word and thought storms in the middle of the night could actually be a skill, and began striving for a place in the Creative Writing Department. Receiving that e-mail months after sending in her portfolio along with many other hopefuls, the incoherent noise that careened through the house very nearly cost her startled father a false alarmed call to the emergency services. And so it is that now in her third year at UBC, in the arts Faculty, Annahis treads through her first year in the Creative Writing Program, trying whatever genre she can get her hands on- except for non-fiction for some reason.


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