TRAKTOR by Sebastien Wen

Heading back to school in September of 2001, two thirteen year old boys from Calgary struggle to deal with the many turbulences of their lives, navigating their relationships with love, trust, violence and neglect.


It’s September, 2001, and growing up sucks. Mason is entering the eighth grade. Jude is his only friend. With so little control over their own lives, the pair will struggle to come to terms with vulnerability, sexuality, grief, violence, neglect, and forgiveness. Traktor is a depiction of male adolescence and an open question about the ways in which we survive our traumas.

Playwright: Sebastien Wen
Sebastien Wen is a poet, playwright, songwriter, and spoken word artist based out of Vancouver and Calgary. He is the reigning National Underground Youth Slam Champion, the 2014 Vancouver Youth Slam Champion and the 2013 UBC Slam Champion. Sebastien was a member of the 2013 Calgary Slam Team and the 2015 Vancouver Slam Team, which both competed at Slam Nationals. Sebastien’s poems have appeared in literary journals from all over Canada, including Arc, The Dalhousie Review, Existere, Prairie Fire and Vallum. Sebastien was the 2014 guest editor for Capilano University’s literary journal The Liar and he’s the author of the chapbook Goodbye Charlie. Sebastien is the current director and facilitator of the Kitsilano Neighbourhood House’s Youth Evening of Arts program, which seeks to foster a community of youth artists. Mostly, Sebastien’s just a gobsmacked cub-kid hurtling towards nohow. He’s honoured to join you in the sniffing of sparks.

Director: Nessa Aref
Nessa was born and raised in Vancouver. She is the showrunner for Kalamatea Productions, directing and writing for The Autobiography of Jane Eyre and All’s Fair Play. She’s excited to get back to her theatre roots with Brave New Play Rites and very grateful to the team that is helping to put it together. Outside of the theatre, she can be found working in television production in Vancouver, drinking too much coffee and daydreaming about sleep.

Actors: Mik Byskov, Aaron Stewart, Joshua Murdoch, and TBD.


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